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Christine Heidrich | IDC Officer

Diamant Prüflabor
Mainzer Strasse 34
55715 Idar Oberstein

Christine Heiderich was born in 1960 into the family of a gemstone cutter in Idar-Oberstein. After completing her high school studies, she worked for three years as an administrator at the Diamant Prüflabor.
In 1983, Christine completed the diamond grading course of the Deutschen Gemmologischen Gesellschaft (German Gemmological Association), which was followed by an internship at the HRD's   Diamond Laboratory in Antwerp.

Upon her return to Idar-Oberstein, she was hired as a diamond grader in the Diamant Prüflabor.

Twelve years later, in 1996, Christine was appointed Laboratory Director, a post she held until 2006, when she was appointed general manager of the company.

Since her marriage in August 2008, she carries the name Christine Röder-Heiderich.

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